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Browse Trending Videos - An Introduction

Vidimovie is obsessed with finding great video content for every movie ever released. We take our list of over three hundred thousand movies and crawl the web looking for the most popular videos related to each movie. The videos we are looking for can include: movie trailers for newly released films; short clips from classic movies; behind-the-scenes specials and featurettes; interviews with movie stars, Hollywood directors, screenwriters and producers; footage from every movie premiere in the world; outtakes and deleted scenes; related video content such as music, soundtracks, games and reaction videos.

Vidimovie's mission statement

Our mission is to catalog the millions of online videos and serve them to you when you search for a specific movie. Whether you search for a new film or one of your all-time favourites, Vidimovie aims to quickly sort and display videos that will interest you. In short, we want to provide you with instant access to great video content from the movies you love and movies you might be interested in seeing soon.

Getting started watching videos and finding movies

It's easy to find a movie - just use the search box at the top of every page. Search for the title or an actor. You can also search for the title of a video. For example: you can combine a movie title with the word "trailer" to find all the trailers that were made for that movie.

Movies can also be browsed by genre. See what movies are trending under your favourite genre to find content you are likely to enjoy - it's an easy way to find something to watch next. Vidimovie makes it easy to discover exciting videos and new movies!