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Aida (1981)

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tt0262216. Aida (1981) Arena di Verona. Verdi / Italian. Verdi's most famous opera is performed at the Arena of Verona in Italy. Egypt and Ethiopia are at war. Radames is appointed commander of the Egyptian forces by the King, whose daughter, Amneris, loves Radames. It is in fact Amneris' Ethiopian slave Aida whom Radames loves. Ramades wins the war against the Ethiopians, capturing Aida's father Amonasro in the process. On his return to Egypt he faces a choice between marrying Amneris or betraying his country through his love for Aida. This production is conducted by Anton Guadagno and features performances by Maria Chiara, Fiorenza Cossotto and Nicola Martinucci.

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