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Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum (1991) - Watch Online Videos

Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum (1991)

Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum (1991) on Vidimovie

Behind his bad boy image, Ben (Robin Padilla) has a big heart. The modern day Robinhood collects grease money from jeepney drivers on behalf of the syndicate. He gets a meager amount in return which he uses to feed his adoptive parents whom he loves dearly. One day his boss Salazar (Mark Gil) proposes that he kidnap children who come from wealthy families. The offer would be financially rewarding, but Ben refuses it. Because Salazar is desperate, he kidnaps Ben's loved ones and the only way to redeem them is by abducting Bing (Vina Morales) and her brother.

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