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Baratometrajes 2.0 (2014) - Watch Online Videos

Baratometrajes 2.0 (2014)

Baratometrajes 2.0 (2014) on Vidimovie

Baratometrajes 2.0 is a feature length documentary on low-budget films made ​​in Spain and dives deep and directly in the guts of most independent films, their characteristics and their reasons for being. More than forty interviews with directors, producers, journalists, cultural managers and distributors are shaping a broad mosaic of opinions and adventures of different creators to get their films and turn them into a reality, allowing the cameras to talk through their methodology work and the secrets that lie behind the making of these productions. Movies like "El mundo es nuestro," "Mi Loco Erasmus" or "The Cosmonaut" are part of the object of study of this essential documentary that brings us to the reality of New Spanish Cinema Lowcost.

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