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Bridal Shower (2004)

Bridal Shower (2004)

Bridal Shower (2004) on Vidimovie

Three advertising executives are doomed to perpetually look for the right man. Tates, Katie and Sonia are all are stuck in a rut with love, sex and marriage. Tates will do whatever it takes to just to have the man she wants even if he is tangled in a messy annulment case and even if it takes her to shed a lot of money to have him. Katie found her love story with a macho dancer but is scared to let her friends know because of his unconventional job. So she tries to give him a more decent look for her friends to see. She also finds bodily insecurities because of her chubby physique. Sonia is the two-timing chick that finds her self pregnant while being with two men. She is in-love with a painter but finds more security with a rich man. Despite her strong feelings for the former, she chooses to be with the latter in order to provide better for her and her child.

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