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Che Guevara - The Body & The Legend (2008) - Watch Online Videos

Che Guevara - The Body & The Legend (2008)

Che Guevara - The Body & The Legend (2008) on Vidimovie

Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, the world’s most famous revolutionary, was killed in October 1967 under mysterious circumstances. Today, 40 years later, his image is the twenty-first century’s best-selling icon anywhere. Yet his myth has lost nothing of its force. Upon his death, Che’s remains vanished for more than 30 years. Was this disappearance an attempt to avoid the creation of an even more powerful historical legend? This film shows the last hours of Che Guevara, the reasons that led to the disappearance and the recovery of his remains through archives and witnesses, as well as the recovery of the body and the role that the vanished corpse with its amputated hands played in the creation of the legend of “Che”.

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