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Daddy Cool Munde Fool (2013)

Daddy Cool Munde Fool (2013)

Daddy Cool Munde Fool (2013) on Vidimovie

Widower Parminder Singh Puppy is worried about the future of his careless and spoilt sons Gunny and Manni. Both the sons falls in love with two sisters Rinki and Minki. Parminder Singh is planning his own marriage with another widow Dilraaj Kaur Dil who was his lover during collage and unknown to him, is mother of Rinki and Minki. Parminder is also unware of their sons's love life. Parminder and his sons goes to Dilraaj's house with marriage proposal, with father unaware that his sons want to marry and sons unware about their father's wishes. This follows a lot of chaos and drama in their lives.

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