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Mass (2004)

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Mass (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is an orphan, who bonds well with his landlord's son Adi (Sunil). He is behind a collegian Anjali (Jyothika) who happens to be the daughter of Vizag city's mafia don Satya (Raghuvaran). This restricts her from falling for him, as it would land him in danger but she finally gives in. She suggests that he ties the knot immediately before her brother (Rahul Dev) and father try separating them. The gangsters in the process kill Mass's best friend Adi (Sunil) when he tries to stop them when they try separating the lead pair, before their marriage. The hero moves into Vizag and stays in an apartment hiding his identity to take revenge on the mafia dons. Finally his quest for revenge is complete, and also he eliminates the anti-social elements in the society by killing them.

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