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Oom Karoolus en Lente DIE MOEWIE (2013) - Watch Online Videos

Oom Karoolus en Lente DIE MOEWIE (2013)

Oom Karoolus en Lente DIE MOEWIE (2013) on Vidimovie

A long lost parcel in the post for Karoolsie, sets Oom Karoolus and Lente on the adventure of a lifetime! When the crooks, Grootoor (Leon Ferreira) and Shorty (Steyn Fourie), grab an opportunity and steal Oom Karoolus' (Cor Uys) car, they land in big trouble. Lente (Letitia Uys) is lying fast asleep on the backseat! Lente is actually calm and collected and reveals in her innocence that her and Oom Karoolus are on their way to his grandfather's farm to find a treasure. Naturally, the baddies take interest in this and try to make plans to get to the treasure first, but there is a huge surprise waiting for everyone when they actually arrive at the treasure! With Ghapi as Postman Piet, and Bouwer Bosch as Kaptein Flits Venter of the Blue Chip search team, makes this a film for the whole family, with loads of fun, excitement and a huge message!

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