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Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues (2002)

Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues (2002)

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Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues (2002) - "The blues are my heritage....and the blues are here to stay." - Willie Dixon

Willie Dixon: I Am the Blues captures the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame member in the twilight of his career, during a 1984 concert with the Chicago Blues All-Stars in support. Among the highlights of the gig are a spunky rendition of Built For Comfort and the stirring, little-known composition Peace; its simplistic lyrics and heartfelt sentiments make it a bluesy first cousin to John Lennon's Give Peace A Chance. Interspersed with the great music are warm recollections from Dixon as he covers topics ranging from composing to his mid 1960s re-emergence in England via cover versions of his best material courtesy of The Rolling Stones and Cream (which featured long time admirer Eric Clapton).

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