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Vidimovie API

About Our API Service

The Vidimovie API service offers web developers access to a massive amount of video and movie data which can be used to power their websites and web database applications.

API Basics

Video and Movie Data API

API responses are in JSON format.

Current Version:

Latest API version is "v1".

API Endpoint:

Rate Limiting

Free, anonymous use is limited to 100 requests per IP per day. This limit is in place to ensure stability and helps maintain a reliable service.

Every API user has their limit reset daily at 0:00 (midnight) UTC.

The limit can be increased by signing your requests with a unique API key.

Obtaining an API key

If you intend to make heavy use of the Vidimovie API and will consequently regularly exceed the quota for free access, we require you apply for an API key.

An API key is a 32 character string which you can use to sign your API requests.

Once you have been issued with a key you can use it by appending it to every request you make. Keep your personal key safe - don't post it on forums by mistake; otherwise someone else can use your allowance.

Only one API Key is permitted per user and per IP address. Rate limiting is calculated based on IP addresses, not API keys.


Access to our API service is provided for free, but the cost to us is not zero! All we ask in return for free access is that you credit Vidimovie in the form of a link to us on any website or app which utilises data from the Vidimovie API.

Either add a link to the Vidimovie homepage, or add a link directly to the video or movie page on The full video or movie URL is returned with every API request. Alternatively, an easy way to form a valid Vidimovie URL is to use our link shortened domain: "".

Homepage URL:

Homepage HTML link:

<a href="" target="_blank">Vidimovie</a>

Short movie link: + ENTER_MOVIE_ID_HERE

Short video link: + ENTER_VIDEO_ID_HERE

A Few Tips

The API design has been simplified as far as possible. Have a little play around with the various methods by making a few requests in your web browser. Familiarize yourself with the structure of the responses and notice what is returned when you request a video or movie which doesn't exist. Watch what happens so you know how to handle these situations!

API Methods - Movies

Movie data from ID

Use this method to get the full metadata for a movie.

Example: Get metadata for movie ID 178:

Search for movies

Example: Search for "the hunger games" in movies and show the top 4 results

Find the movie ID from a title and year

Use this method to find the ID for a specific movie title and release year.

Example: Find the movie ID for a movie called "the matrix" from the year 1999

API Response Headers

Custom Headers

We return a few custom headers along with the standard HTTP headers.


This is the MD5 hash of the JSON response. You can calculate the hash of the data you receive and compare it to this hash value.


The endpoint for the current API version.


The URL of the API documentation (i.e. this page).

Bug Reporting

Any bugs you've discovered can be reported to Security vulnerabilities can also be reported to this address.

Further Help

Contact us on for more help with our API.