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DMCA - Content Removal

DMCA Overview

Vidimovie respects the rights of content owners and takes it's responsibility as an online service provider very seriously. That's why we've teamed up with DMCA Management, the online copyright claim management specialists. They handle the reporting process for us by providing a secure way for copyright holders to file DMCA takedown notices.

File a Takedown Notice

Our DMCA ID key code is: 8200b666b408901718e429fabb8cdd7e

Enter this code on the claims page through and follow the instructions. If this is the first time you have filed a claim under the DMCA, we recommend reading all of the information carefully before submitting your request.

We typically respond to claims within 48 hours.

Content not hosted by us

Please note: We can only remove material from the services we operate (i.e. ""). We are not responsible for content hosted elsewhere on the Internet and we have no control over any third party websites or applications.

If you believe your content has been misused on other websites, you will need to contact the operators of those sites and submit an additional DMCA takedown notice with them directly.

Vidimovie does not forward notices to other service providers.

The bulk of the content on is not hosted by us. Removing the content from this domain alone will not remove it from the platform where it is currently being hosted. We strongly recommend that you contact the service provider which is hosting the content, such as YouTube or Dailymotion, and follow their procedures for copyright infringement disputes. This will get to the root of the problem and ensure your content is not available of the plethora of other sites which make use of content form the large public hosting services.