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The latest movie trailers and previews of popular movies

Movie trailers are designed to sell the movie idea to you as a cinema-goer and get you exciting about going to see the movie at the cinema. Usually lasting a few minutes, they set the scene, introduce the main characters and leave you in suspense - dying to want to find out what happens next. Editors take care to make sure their trailers don't reveal any spoilers or too many details which might ruin the film for first-time viewers.

Home made trailers from amateur film fans

For highly anticipated, billion dollar Hollywood blockbusters, some users create reaction videos showing how they reacted when they first watched the movie trailer. Talking about users, some dedicated fans create fan-made movie trailers by editing together parts of existing trailers and scenes from the film to produce original trailers for others to watch.

Same movie, different movie trailers and teasers

Multiple trailers are often released for big-budget movies. Theatrical trailers are the ones shown at the cinema before the main movie. These trailers are also broadcast on TV and shown before videos on websites. Teasers trailers are shorter previews designed for fans of the franchise or director. Red band trailers are for mature audiences and contain nudity, swearing or other content which is inappropriate for children.

Vidimovie aims to bring you every movie trailer ever made, so whether you have a particular movie in mind, or just love watching movie trailers, we hope you will enjoy this collection of the best movie trailers on the web.